Demolition Service

When someone mentions demolition, do you think of a wrecking ball destroying a skyscraper? Us too. It’s very fun to watch, but probably not something you want to see happen to your home.

But if you’re remodeling your kitchen, renovating your master bedroom, or turning your den into an open-concept living room, then small-scale demolition with hammers, crowbars, and saws is an important first step you might want some help with.

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Farewell Trash can start your project off on the right foot by demolishing and clearing out different parts of your home or office.

We provide demolition services with experienced demolition experts. And of course we are known all over Gwinnett for our junk removal services so when we perform a demolition it includes full clean up and debris removal.

Construction Removal
Construction debri removal

Whether you are a construction “pro” or a weekend DIY’er you know that often the toughest part of the job is the clean up and disposal of construction debris. Farewell Trash provides safe removal and disposal of all types of construction waste. Whether you need us to come by periodically while you are working or just need a one-time pickup our trucks are built to handle any size of job.

Hot Tub Removal

Hot tubs are awesome until they get older and require a-lot of maintenance. If you just purchased a home and it came with an old hot tub or you have one already and tired of looking at it you can count on Farewell Trash to get it out of sight.

Interior Demolition

Whether its part of the house or the complete Interior of the home Farewell Trash has the skills, tools, and knowledge to completely gut the home or part of the home while hauling away all the debris.

Tile Removal

Our team of knowledgeable professionals can efficiently demolish and haul away your unwanted tile flooring or walls. There are few more back-breaking home improvement tasks than the removal of tile. It is a highly labor-intensive process that tends to be particularly dusty and messy. It is a job that would take the average person several exhausting days or weeks, depending on the amount of tile that needs to be removed. Trust us – you do not want to do it! It is a far better option to work with a local, affordable, and trustworthy tile demolition company so that you can have peace of mind that it is done correctly.

Drywall Demolition

If you have ever removed drywall, you know just what a pain the task can be! Construction waste, such as drywall, is difficult and messy to demolish and remove. At Farewell Trash, we safely, effectively, and efficiently demolish and haul away drywall debris in an eco-friendly way. As a local company, we can work with your construction timelines to ensure demolition and removal is completed according to your necessary deadlines.

Kitchen Cabinet Demolition

There are few things more exciting than a remodel of your kitchen. Whether you are removing old kitchen cabinets to install new ones, or completely demolishing the room for a home renovation, kitchen cabinet demolition and removal is no simple task. To remove them effectively, quickly, and safely, you must be able to pry the cabinets off the wall which likely involves climbing on ladders and trying to maintain stability while prying those heavy cabinets off the wall. Once you have those heavy cabinets off the wall, you have to take them out to a truck or trailer, load them up, and then haul them away – quite the labor-intensive process.

Outdoor Shed Demolition

Outdoor sheds are a handy storage option – until they aren’t. If your outdoor shed has seen better days or has rapidly turned into an unwanted eyesore you are probably looking for ways to demolish and remove it. The only problem is, it isn’t exactly an easy thing to do. Outdoor sheds are often large, requiring an individual or team of individuals to get on ladders and deconstruct the shed. Once the outdoor shed has been demolished, there is also the issue of hauling away all of the broken-down debris.

Playground Equipment

Playground equipment is installed very securely so that children can play safely on it. So, when it comes time to demolish it and haul it away, the progress can be very labor-intensive – regardless of the project size. Play-sets and playground equipment tend to be big and bulky, require a number of tools to disassemble or demolish, and are often anchored into the ground in some way which can make full demolition difficult for the average person. Don’t waste your time and energy, or worse, injure yourself, when you could hire local and dependable professionals to assist you with demolition and haul away.


Trampolines all fun and good until you no longer want them – then they become dangerous eyesores. The problem is, trampolines are not easy to disassemble and haul away and if they are sunken into the ground, there are other challenges as well. Most homeowners do not have the time, knowledge, or tools and equipment to demolish a trampoline and haul it away. That is why it is better to leave it up to the pros at Farewell Trash.

Bathroom Demolition

While your tub, jacuzzi or spa may have once been an oasis of relaxation, if it is no longer wanted or needed, it quickly becomes a nuisance. Breaking down a tub and hauling away the parts is no simple task and one that the average homeowner does not have enough knowledge, experience, or time to tackle. At Farewell Trash, we not only show up to haul your junk away, we will demolish it as well!

Commercial Lot Clean Up

Don’t let the backbreaking labor of commercial lot cleanup overwhelm you – hire reliable and skilled professionals! Whether its a 1 time service or a service contract you can count on us.

Deck Removal

Deck Maintenance time and you are unsure if you should start over with a whole new deck or just replace the boards and leave the framing. Farewell Trash knows when a structure is salvageable or unsafe to stay.