FAQ and Reviews


Q. What does Farewell Trash do?

A.We provide a full range of junk removal & hauling services for your home or business. Our customers hire us to come haul away their unwanted or unneeded items. We do all the work and take almost anything. We recycle at least 50% of what we haul away, either by way of donation or recycling.

Q. What do Farewell Trash accept?

A. We take just about anything you don’t want, including; appliances, furniture, tires, yard waste, construction materials and debris, junk cars, boats, hot tubs, old sheds, electronics, and so much more. We cannot take hazardous wastes but we can take paint if it is dried properly.

Q. What payment forms do Farewell Trash accepts?

We strive to run a cashless business so our favorite payment method is zelle. We also accept all major credit cards, checks, and cashapp.

Q. How big are your trucks?

A. Our biggest truck is larger than our competitors and can hold up to 20 cubic yards. This is better for you! With our prices being unbeatable and our trucks larger than theirs, you are sure to get the most junk removed for the least amount of money.

Q. How much does Farewell Trash service cost?

A. Our charge is based on volume, meaning the amount of space your unwanted materials takes up on our truck. We can provide you with a rough estimate by texting us pictures and answering a few questions, but the final price cannot be given until we come out to your property and are able to see how much and what you have, and where it’s located.