Dumpster bag service

dumpster bag service near me?

The dumpster bag service is here to help with your debris accumulation. Whether you have a major home renovation, spring cleaning project, or a simple move, dumpster bags are the perfect solution for your waste management needs. When deciding which dumpster bag size you need, consider the scale and duration of your project. Make sure to look at what can go into dumpster bag so you don’t end up trying to squeeze in items that don’t fit your dumpster bag! Once you have decided on the correct dumpster bag size, it’s time to request a pickup job. You can easily request dumpster bag pickup near me with just a few clicks! With dumpster bag pick up services, you know that your debris will be taken care of quickly and responsibly.

Buy It!

Dumpster bags can be purchased from your local hardware store or from Amazon. Bags come in various sizing depending on the source. They all fold away and lay flat for easy storage when not in use.

Fill it!

The small compact bag you purchased can hold up 3.5 cubic yards or more. Most weight ratings start at 3300lbs. Normal program requires you to fill the bag curbside but Farewell Trash doesn’t have any requirements about placement of storage bag. It can be curbside, inside the garage, deep into the woods or anything imaginable. If its safe for us to get it we will come get it.


When the bag is full and you’re ready for us to pick it up give us a call or text 470-588-6571 or book your appointment online. We will send a truck out and collect everything inside the bag leaving you with an empty bag to keep for your next use. Most collections take the bag and dump it but the bags are durable and can be used multiple times before needing replacement.

How Much Can a Dumpster Bag Hold?

Dumpster bags can hold up to 3,300 lbs. How much is that exactly?

  • 47 sheets of drywall (4’ x 8’, ½” thick)
  • 1,280 sq ft of hardwood flooring (¾” thick)
  • 180 wood or metal wall studs
  • 800-1,000 sq ft of roofing shingles
  • 900 sq ft of carpet or tile
  • 1 cubic yard of heavy materials like asphalt, brick, concrete, dirt, rock, sand, sod or stucco

What materials are acceptable for the dumpster bag?

Flooring, Plywood, Tile, Bathtub, Cabinets, Trim Materials, Doors, Drywall, Insulation, Construction Debris, Packaging Materials, Windows, Sinks, Plaster, Carpet, Roofing, Shingles, Paneling, Siding, Demolition Debris, Toilets, Screens, Household Junk, Broken Toys, Bikes, Rugs, Carpets, Lawn Furniture, Old Luggage, Mattresses, Wooden Furniture, Metal Furniture, Heavy Debris, Asphalt, Concrete, Dirt, Sand, Rock, Grills (without gas tank), Yard Waste, Brush, Shrubs, Tree Clippings, Leaves, Mulch, Sod, Paper, Plastics

Material such as Batteries, Electronics, Tires, and Metals should be placed outside of the bag for recycling.

What materials are not acceptable?

Hot Materials, Asbestos, Propane, Chemicals, Railroad Ties, Fluorescent Bulbs, Toxic or Hazardous Waste, Fuel, Liquids, Medical Waste, Paint, Oil, Food Waste, Tires, Batteries, Appliances

When should I use a dumpster bag?

Dumpster bags are perfect for smaller home, business and construction projects that your normal trash service can’t handle, but that don’t require the space of a full-size dumpster. Suitable jobs might include:

Basement Renovations & Cleanouts

Attic Cleanouts

Garage Cleanouts

Carpet Removal

Furniture Removal

Yard Cleanups

Deck Removal

Bathroom Renovation

Kitchen Renovation

Bedroom Remodels