Easy Cardboard Recycling Methods in Atlanta

Intended Audience: Residents looking to recycle cardboard in their area.

It’s no secret that recycling plays an important role in reducing global waste. But when it comes to cardboard, a lot of people are unsure how and where to recycle it properly. If you’re not sure where you can recycle cardboard near you, this blog post will help answer your questions!

Cardboard recycling near me
Dropping off a load of cardboard

How To Prepare Cardboard for Recycling
Before we talk about where to take your cardboard, it’s important to understand how to prepare it for recycling. All cardboard should be clean and free of food residue before being recycled. Also, if the cardboard has any plastic wrapping or plastic coating, these need to be removed as well. Make sure all staples and tape are removed from the cardboard so that the recyclers don’t have any issues with them when processing the materials.

Where To Take Your Cardboard For Recycling
Once your cardboard is ready for recycling, there are several places you can take it. The first option is your local recycling center. Most cities have centers dedicated solely to recycling paper products such as cardboard boxes. Some cities may even offer curbside pickup for large amounts of cardboard boxes. Be sure to check with your local government website or trash collection service provider for more information on curbside pickup options in your area. Another option is donating your used cardboard boxes to a charity or organization that reuses them for packaging donations or other needs they may have. This is a great way to get rid of excess boxes while also helping out an organization in need! Finally, some retailers such as grocery stores accept used cardboard boxes in exchange for store credit or discounts off future purchases made at their store.

Recycling is essential for reducing global waste, but knowing how and where to recycle items like cardboard isn’t always easy. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available including taking it directly to a local recycling center, donating them to a charity or organization in need, or even exchanging them for store credit at certain retailers. Do some research on what’s available near you and start doing your part today! With everyone pitching in together we can make a real difference when it comes to preserving our planet’s resources!

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